Licensing Terms

One license per customer. If you have any questions about the following licensing terms, please feel free to contact me.

With The Creative Bix resources, you MAY:
  • Use resources in personal end projects & products not for sale
  • Use resources in commercial end projects & products for sale
  • Use resources to create physical advertisements, marketing, & packaging
  • Use resources to design digital advertisements & marketing
  • Use resources in multiple projects
With The Creative Bix Resources, you CANNOT:
  • Use resources on their own, as-is or without significant modification. Resources must be combined and/incorporated with other original design(s).
  • Resell the resources or access to the resources as if they are your own
  • Use the resources to create the same or similar products for sale that are seen to compete directly with the original product.
  • Share, redistribute, or sublicense the resources with third parties or multiple users. Each party must purchase their own resource.
  • Sell or distribute unflattened files that include the resources
  • Share or resell the resources as digital stock images / downloads
  • Offer the resources as a freebies, or use them in a giveaway or promotion
  • Use resources for native apps, web apps, games, or software development
  • Claim copyright or register as a trademark the product or end product(s) that incorporate the resource–not even logos or branding.
  • Use resources in a project if the client’s annual revenue is more than $25 million USD per annum. If this is the case, please contact me for special licensing.
Fonts may be used:
  • For personal use, ebooks, websites, online publications, and one-time client projects
  • For logos for personal projects or an individual client
  • Flattened digital files used to create printable files
  • To create original designs for commercial use and end products for sale
Fonts may not:
  • Be claimed as your own creation
  • Be traced, altered, or copied in any way to be resold or distributed as your own
  • Be sold as embroidery fonts
  • Be sold in alternate file formats
  • Be used in editable logo templates available for resale
  • Be used to create graphic flattened alphabets, digital alphabets, die-cut patterns, stencil designs, or letterforms.
  • Be included in promotions, giveaways, or as a freebie
  • Be digitized, vectorized, or embedded in a .pdf for use with apps such as Templett or Corjl. Fonts must be used in rasterized form.
Purchase Terms & Conditions
Due to the nature of digital products, The Creative Bix cannot offer refunds, and does not accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges. However, please reach out if you have any questions or problems with your purchase, and we’ll do our best to resolve any issues.